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  5. Advanced Search Terms
Each dataset in the catalogue has a corresponding metadata record which, in a standard manner, describes the data, the collection methods, the spatial and temporal extent of the record and associated keywords.
For more information about metadata records, see What is a metadata record?
The search function on the home Search page will search the FIND for metadata matching the search terms and return the output to a new page.
The Search Results page will display a list of results from the search, sorted by relevance. You can also sort by change date of the record, popularity and title.
You are able to read a short summary for each search result. The record title (in blue) is a link to the full metadata record.
OCG Web Services If there are OGC Web Services avaliable for the metadata, either WMS or WFS, OGC icons (    WMS WFS) will be shown next to the title.
Show on Map If an extent is defined for the metadata, clicking the     icon will display the extent on a smaller map below the search result. If the WMS icon (    WMS) is shown next to the title; the Show on Map text will also be present. Clicking it will show the WMS service of the dataset on a full screen map in a new window.
Metadata (xml) Opens an new window showing the full xml record of the metadata.
Get Data If data is avaliable for download, clicking this will display a pop-up with short descriptions and a links to access the data.

The search fields on the Advanced Search page will assist in searching for specific metadata elements available in records.
Any A general search of the record for a match.
Title Searches the title of the metadata records only.
Keywords These are based on the ISO TC211/19115 topic category code list which is available in xml format here. For example keywords for farming include agriculture, irrigation, aquaculture, plantations and herding; to name a few.
Custodian This drop-down will list the custodians that currently have records in the catalogue. The number of records for the custodian in shown in brackets after the name.
Linked to products? If this is checked, only records with datasets available via the "Get Data" link will be returned.
Select on map When you select the draw icon     available in the top left of the map view, you will be able to drag a rectangle of the area you want to retrieve data for. This populates the latitudes and longitudes below the map.
Select by name As you type, this will search the gazetteer for the name of the location entered. Selecting a location will populates the latitudes and longitudes.
Enter coordinates This allows you to enter the exact bounding box or point as decimal values.
From This will search the metadata that was created after the date entered.
To This will search the metadata that was created before the date entered.